With Providers OG, John, Anne Marie & Wendy!

First 24 patients to sign up for 2024 by Dec 24! Read below for specific details of our 12 week plan and More!

Before and After measurements of health GAINS is what we After

The Transformation last Jan 1st to April 1st…for those who reply First!

No April Fools, We got the Tools! (Health Gains Measured April 1st)

12 week Ride, with or without Semaglutide

What’s Trendy & Healthy? Come see Wendy & Anne Marie!

Put a Pause on Menopause with Anne Marie Moore(Bioidentical estrogen/progesterone/testosterone) come learn More!

Come see the Boss of Weight Loss!

Need Sleepy Tea? Come see Anne Marie for Insomnia with CBT!

Weekly VIP Accountability, with Dr OG! (& his Team)

Get Strong with Dr John & Increase your T Naturally!

Or see Dr OG & Wendy for TRT!

No Tricks and No Quick Fix! Whole food plant-based in the Mix!

We Be Drama Free, & let  Big Pharma Be!

Reverse Disease and feel at Peace and at Ease!

Meditation Medication...Transformation from Within!

Accountability is your Reliability as you shall See!

The First 24 come thru the Door! Later we take More…

Don't Fold on your Goals, find your inner Gold!

If you read this Far you got one foot in the Door to be one of the first 24! Text Dr. OG personal cell phone (541 632 4060) so we know you are in for Sure:  

First and Last name followed by "In There Like Swimwear 2024" To save your space in the program.

Start 2024 off on the right foot with Holistic Family Medicine’s “12 Week Health Gain Transformation”. The medical providers in our office have joined forces to offer patients a unique, individualized program designed to provide patients with the tools to lose weight, get stronger and healthier in 2024! We only have spots for the first 24 patients to sign up. What you will receive:

12 visits with Dr. OG, Wendy, Anne Marie, & Dr. John  (weekly from January to April)
     -First and most importantly, we assess your unique health goals for 2024 and work from there as the starting point. Additionally:
     - baseline wellness testing (Blood Work(if needed), Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Heart rate variability(Stress level), %muscle mass and %body fat, and mental health wellness score)
     - follow up wellness testing at the end of 12 weeks to see patient's progress (Blood Work, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, HRV(Stress level) BMI)  %muscle mass and %body fat and mental health wellness score)
     - dietary and nutritional counseling (starting with a food journal, weekly check-ins, individualized dietary recommendations based on your unique body type and lifestyle needs)
     -Medical Supervision of Diet, Exercise and Weight Loss(or muscle gain) progress
     -Guidance on a regular meditation practice for beginners or advanced practitioners
     -Hormone balancing for men and women
     -Sleep medicine optimization for deep restorative sleep

Visits with Dr. John 
     - Musculoskeletal Evaluation
     - Individualized Home Exercise Instruction (specific to patients abilities and goals)
     - Chiropractic Treatment to optimize patients musculoskeletal system

All visits with your providers during the 12 week plan will be billed to your insurance plan. Patient are responsible for knowing there insurance plan and coverage.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!