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Life in the Balance - Part 3

Posted by Orestes Gutierrez, D.O. on Sunday, June 7, 2020, In : Life in Balance 

Steeped in the belief of food as medicine, an Ayurvedic or Vedic diet is based on the philosophy that the foods we eat impact both our bodily health and mental states. Yep that’s right. Our eating habits not only dictate our physical health, but directly affect our cognition, including thoughts and emotions, and the ability to learn, make decisions, and problem-solve, among other brain functions.

So what does it mean to eat in a balanced way in Ayurveda?

Traditionally, this meant following a ...

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Life in the Balance - Part 1

Posted by Orestes Gutierrez, D.O. on Monday, May 11, 2020, In : Life in Balance 

Feel like you’re on a runaway train, going full-speed ahead, and the brakes have suddenly gone out? 


Like your battery is dead, you need a jump start to get moving, but wish you could just stay on the couch?

Don’t worry. If either scenario fits your current state - you’re not alone.

These are crazy times. And it’s normal to feel a little off kilter...or A LOT.

Ayurveda! Take me away...

Meaning “science of life” in Sanskrit, Ayurveda is an ancient healing tradition with roots in the...

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