Is it possible to live every day with the thrill and joy of vacation? The answer to this question is a resounding yes! In this series, we shall explore the worldviews of Gandhi and Einstein which will point us in the right direction. The secret is rediscovering our childlike nature and knowing vacation is a state of mind.

There is a famous story of a Western journalist asking Mahatma Gandhi,

You've been working 15-hour days for 50 years. Don't you need a vacation?”

Gandhi replied, “I am always on vacation.

Some view this as an apocryphal story, but from recent findings in modern neuroscience, we realize this story is real.

How could a man who endured so much hardship say every day was a vacation? Let us find out.

Close your eyes. Now imagine yourself at your favorite vacation destination. Take in everything with your five senses. Feel as if you are actually there. If you do not have a destination, then think of an activity that brings you great joy. Take one deep conscious breath in and one conscious breath out. This simple exercise takes 10 seconds. What was your favorite vacation destination or activity? How did you feel?

I went to Kona, HI relaxing with my family on Hapuna Beach. I felt complete peace, joy, contentment and a profound sense of relaxation. You can experience this feeling in any situation! Regardless of your location or life situation, you can engender this relaxation response. When you consciously do so, you have manifested a vacation state of mind. You consciously manufactured neuropeptides associated with happiness, love and compassion.

I will share with you Five Ancient Universal Principles that children live every day and will allow every day to be a vacation! I have created a mnemonic device that will help you remember the 5 principles for inner and outer transformation: L.O.V.E.S. The Answer. These principles have been around for thousands of years and they are universal and can be practiced with any religion.

The first principle: Live Your Truth because knowledge is not enough.

“My life is my message, said Mahatma Gandhi.

Not a single word needs to be uttered because your life is your message. When you live your truth your actions speak louder than words. When you live your truth, you promote health. When you live your truth, like Gandhi, you reduce stress. When you reduce stress you decrease inflammation, oxidation, prevent premature aging, and you preserve your hormone of youth DHEA at the genetic level in the 37 trillion cells in your body. When you don't live your truth, you promote disease. Prajnaparada, a Sanskrit term in ayurveda, is defined as a deliberate willful Indulgence in unhealthy practices that leads to disease. Prajnaparada is also known as a crime against wisdom. Some examples of crimes against wisdom are smoking, not exercising, eating junk food, etc. How many of you have known something was bad for you but did it anyway? Everyone has committed a crime against wisdom.

When we live our truth we promote health, happiness, and longevity. It is difficult to experience a vacation state of mind when we are constantly committing crimes against wisdom that leads to preventable chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. In fact many are killing themselves slowly with the fork at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many people eat foods that are toxic and do so because of herd mentality or peer pressure.

However, when you live your truth others’ opinions don't matter. When we have enough conviction and self worth to follow our path we immediately experience the relaxation response. Think about it. Small children naturally live this principle. Have you ever told a 3-year-old, hey, you need to live your truth? That would be absurd. When you live your truth, you have contentment, peace, and joy. When you live your truth, your life becomes your message!

What is the secret of living our truth? Putting knowledge into practice! Let me share with you a story.

There was a mother in India who had a 12-year-old son with a sugar addiction. No matter what wise words the mother used to discourage the boys’ sugar addiction, she failed. Frustrated, the mother took a five hour trek, in the scorching sun, for the boy to hear from his idol, Gandhi.

Tired and exhausted after the trek the mother found Gandhi and said, “Oh, Great Soul, Mahatma Gandhi, tell this boy that processed sugar is bad for you and he should stop eating it.”

Gandhi was pensive then replied, “Come back in three weeks.”

The mother obliged. Then, three weeks later the mother took the arduous five hour journey in the scorching sun to meet Gandhi.

Gandhi looked at the boy and said, “Processed sugar is bad for you and you should stop eating it.”

The mother, baffled and perplexed, asked Gandhi why he did not say this upon the first meeting.

Gandhi replied with a serene smile, “I was not qualified to advise the boy. Three weeks ago, I, too, was eating a lot of sugar.”

Mahatma Gandhi embodies the Universal Principle in this story. Live your truth since knowledge is not enough. Gandhi was a man of character as illustrated in this story. He walked the walk.

When you live your truth, you are standing firm and solidly on your own feet. You develop fearlessness, are stress free, and have self-worth. This engenders peace, equanimity, and promotes health.

When you live your truth, you stop committing crimes against wisdom.

In the next installment, through Einstein’s wisdom, we shall explore The second principle:

One Presence and One Power Unites Us All.