Holistic Family Medicine • Primary Care • Eugene

Modern medicine is broken. When you go to see your provider you barely get to spend a few minutes with them and all they recommend is more pills without truly listening to you and your unique story. In this model, also known as "factory line medicine", doctors see 20 to 30 patients per day and patients are frustrated and receive poor quality care. This model focuses on disease and pills. In this intense pressure cooker the provider and patient are both stressed and unfulfilled. 

Our mission is to promote health and wellness by focusing on disease reversal and prevention. We partner with each patient so you may achieve your health goals. We serve patients in all walks of life, with personalized, expert care, in a timely fashion. New patients spend 45 minutes face to face with our provider who gets to intimately learn the patient's story. All follow up appointments are 25 minutes with the provider. Our providers find joy in practicing the art of medicine and will partner with patients to discover an ideal health plan for each patient.