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Do you find yourself setting health goals for yourself year after year and not getting results? Are you frustrated because you seem to make the right health choices but are still not getting results you desire? Do you have the knowledge but have difficulty putting it into practice to accomplish your health goals? Are you concerned about your health and want an all natural lifestyle plan? Then this book is for you!

Dr. Gutierrez shares scientifically proven principles of stress reduction, evidence based nutrition information, and safe and practical guidelines for exercise. Through case studies from his private practice, the reader sees real life applications of the latest scientific research on longevity.  Dr. Gutierrez’s patients have achieved the reversal of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and gastrointestinal disorders. He wrote this book to share the knowledge on how to balance the mind, body, and emotions through proper nutrition, exercise and meditation so that everyone can achieve Superior Health.

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